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What About US?

Or the U.S., that is.

We share our stories of far flung exotic places.  We’ve ridden camels, drank Cambodian moonshine, and dined with Indian royals.  But what about a simple meal in New York?  A weekend in Austin? A bike ride in Charleston?

Yes, yes, yes.

bridge to Sullivan's Island

We have so many cool cities and cool places, we spend a lot of our time exploring here at home.  Whether it’s a birthday weekend in Paso Robles, A lobster roll hunt in Kennebunkport, or extended weekends (after business trips) in LA, San Fran, New York, Savannah, Chicago, D.C., Miami, we love it all.

And, here’s a link to our company web site with some our favorite recommendations of hotels, restaurants, and hot spots throughout the country.


Happy traveling.


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