Everyday Champagne | Glossary
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Main writer, photographer.



Opinionated contributor/editor, sketch artist.


Shea, Inc.:

Is our company which David created nearly 40 years ago.  Shea specializes in designing consumer experiences in retail, restaurant/hospitality, and workplace, from the brand through the space.  (Yes, we have legit jobs.) Our learning, observing, and absorbing through travel is vital in the work we do every day, merging personal with business to give us and our company a unique base of knowledge.





Sparkling Wine:

Our drink of choice around the world. Every country has their own version, and we usually find it on the first day, whether it’s Turkey, Morocco, India, or Europe.

It’s not necessarily Champagne. (The French only allow a small subset to be actually called Champagne).

We started drinking really good champagne, moved to less good champagne, moved to California sparkling wine, then moved to Cava, a type of sparkling wine from Spain. These days it’s between Cava and Cremant d’Alsace, made right outside of the Champagne region.