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What is Everyday Champagne?

a state of mind.

It’s not about just living, but passion in living. It’s about someone (namely me) learning from someone else (namely him) how to actually live, breathe the air, look to the side, and get out of the car. (Or don’t even get in it to begin with).


Everyday Champagne is about eating, drinking, traveling and absorbing. Absorbing everything from everywhere and actually experiencing from every sunrise to every moonrise.


Oh, and it may have SOMETHING to do with our love of champagne and sparkling wine (and no, they are not the same. Just ask the French.)

Life can really be quite an experience if you let it. That’s the concept of Everyday Champagne. Why wait for a special occasion? Celebrate and experience every day.


(It’s like “don’t sweat the small stuff” fueled with alcohol and airplanes.)


All of these experiences have given us an amazing list of stories, places, design inspirations, observations, hotels, restaurants, food, random thoughts, and smart-ass comments. It’s also given us a database of some of the best (and not-so-best) places around the world.


We’ve decided to share our abundance of information in answer to all our friends who say, “I’m going to XXX, where should I eat? Where should I stay? What should I do?” Also, this is for the friends that laugh at our stories. Yes, your polite, if not sincere, laughter has encouraged us to go public. That’s on you.


Think of it as our series of personal city guides. Injected with our idiosyncrasies, preferences and sarcasm, and taken straight from our almost-constant travel and observations. It includes a lot of incredible places and people. It also includes a relationship that taught us both how to live.


Are we the experts?

Not at all. Can we challenge people to experience things, not just see them? Absolutely.


Tanya Spaulding and David Shea

Your mission:

Learn to live, breathe the air, enjoy and absorb. Stay out of tour buses and cars, and try legs and bicycles. Look around, look up, see doorways and details. Admire, appreciate and learn. Don’t take the short cut and don’t be afraid to get a little lost.

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(Yes, we do have legit jobs)